What's happening for our 5th anniversary?

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    Who's gonna play? Where and when?  Check here for the big reveal! (that's last year's lineup in the photo.)
  • Prizes

    Great music and great things to win! Silent auctions for studio time at the best studios in Boston and tons of great raffle prizes!  We've had art, jewelry, cruises, vacations, Gibson guitars and much more up for grabs !

    Where will we hold the shows for our 5th Anniversary? Check here for updates! We've got some big plans (there's a hint on here).....


Get all of the inside information.

Prepping for the awards ceremony in NYC!

We’ve been quiet here at Crash Safely for a bit.  Why? Well, we’re changing around the main website (so pretty!) and we’ve been...

Photos from all 3 nights

Here are some great pics from all three nights of Crash Safely!  Did you take some photos at the shows?  Please feel free to share with us!!!...

Auction News: Start the clock!

Have you been waiting until our silent auctions are almost over to place your bid?  Well… that time would be now. The auction for our Gibson...

Night 3 Round up!

Township White Dynomite The Field Effect TRiPLE THiCK Animal Hospital   All hosted by Jake Jampel and D-Tension!   Up for grabs ONLY at...

Meet the Studios: Galaxy Park

Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown is run by Richard Marr. For many Boston bands, he’s the go-to for getting their new record out! The Dents,...

Meet the Bands: White Dynomite

Who is White Dynomite?  Your friendly neighborhood punk-soul explosion team, of course! We’ll let them introduce themselves:   Like...

Meet the Bands: The Field Effect

The Field Effect, like all of the Crash Safely bands this year, have been crazy busy! They were at SXSW earlier in the year, played the Do617 party,...

We’re back on Bay State Rock this Sunday with TRiPLE THiCK!!

We’ll be on Bay State Rock with TRiPLE THiCK performing live in the studio! We’re excited that we’ve been asked to return in...

More Radio! We’re on the Space-Mind Continuum on Wednesday!

Tomorrow from 6-7pm, our very own resident radio wild man The Night Ridah, will be a guest on the Space-Mind Continuum on WZBC! He’ll be...

Getting excited for Friday!!!

Maybe you heard that Petty Morals are up for a couple of Boston Music Awards. Maybe you want to get a head start on your Halloween trip by asking...

Rainy weather got you down?

Doesn’t it seem like the rain is never going to stop? We’ve got the cure! Don’t forget that there are auctions running for a dinner...

Night 2 round up!

10/10 is next week! Are you ready for an awesome night of music and prizes for a great cause?   Cotton Candy Petty Morals Gymnasium My Own Worst...

Up for grabs: Autographed puck signed by Zdeno Chara

The Sox let you down this year? The Pats looking a little scary to you right now? Never fear- the Bruins will help you! Show off your Bruins fandom...

Meet the Bands: Petty Morals

How to describe Petty Morals? Disco punk, Joan Jett, P-Funk, and Prince in a blender, no boys allowed?   How about just plain awesome?  ...

Studio Time Silent Auction

Every year, Crash Safely has a time available in a silent auction with some of Boston’s best! Here’s the full list of studios, including...

Night 1 was amazing!

We’re still going through the fancy, fancy photos from the night (as we know our pals Steve Latham and Eric Law caught some great pics!), but...

Thank you!

  We want to give a special shout-out to Biogen, for their support of Crash Safely this year!  To be fair, they’ve been integral from the...

Even more?

We’re not lying about new prizes coming in every day!  Today, in fact, we received 4! From Melissa Winter Weiss, we have this cool set:...

Getting ready for Saturday!

We always have fun at the Midway, and Saturday promises to be no exception! Maybe you heard Watts and The I Want You on Boston Emissions.  Maybe you...

Live on WAAF!

We had a great time last night on WAAF! Thanks to Carmeltia and her crew for having us on!  JustBill came along with us and took some great shots of...

Prize updates!

As you may be aware, we’ve got a set of Alex and Ani bangles to win on 10/17.  Here’s the exclusive set they’ve sent us! The very...

We’re on Bay State Rock Sunday night with Gene Dante and Mark Damon!

What are you up to Sunday night? We’ll be on Bay State Rock then with Gene Dante and Mark Damon performing live in studio!   Maybe...

Night 1 round up!

9/27 is coming up fast! Are you ready for an awesome night of music and prizes for a great cause? The Figgs Watts Gene Dante and the Future Starlets...

Les Maybe Sump’ms

The Maybe Sump’ms have a French Connection! The Maybe Sump’ms ride in the BikeMS NYC event every year, but this year, we’re going...

Meet the Bands: Gymnasium

If you have a group with these fine folks, you just know it’s going to sound amazing: Rod Van Stoli Charles Hansen Jonathan Screnci John...

Just Announced: The Figgs!

 The Figgs will be stepping into the role of  ‘The Petes’ at Crash Safely on 9/27! You’ll probably wanna grab tickets ahead of...

Meet the Bands: Gene Dante and the Future Starlets

Like all of the bands participating in Crash Safely this year, the Starlets have been busy.  Mega busy. They’ve been releasing singles for...

Meet the Studios: New Alliance East

Located in the EMF building in Cambridge, New Alliance East likely knows what’s going on in your practice space. They certainly can hear...

Meet the Bands: The I Want You

Earlier this year, the I Want You made the Improper Bostonian’s Loud and Clear list of their favorite local acts. They’re one of our...

All of the Silent Auction Links in one place

Because we have a bunch of silent auctions running this year, here’s a handy list of every single one, including when they end. Studio Time...

Meet the Studios: Woolly Mammoth Sound

Chances are good that you know someone who’s recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound. Led by Neighborhoods singer and guitarist and...

Let the bidding begin!

  Tomorrow at 6pm, the silent auction for the Les Paul Future Tribute begins!  You’ll need to create a username and password for the site...

All the prizes!

Check out all of the things we’ve got waiting for you to win at Crash Safely this year!  More keeps coming in, so this list is far from...

Meet the Bands: As The Sparrow

What happens when you mix folk, swing, rock and big band?  As the Sparrow knows! They’re bringing their unique blend of sounds to Crash...

Up for Grabs: Date Night!

Sometimes, you just want a nice night out, right? Now, you can get away without getting out of town for a night!  Enter to win a Dinner Cruise for...

Meet the Studios: Bridge Sound and Stage

Part studio, part performance venue, The Bridge Sound & Stage lives in the former home of Fort Apache Studios. Carrying on the tradition of...

Up for Grabs: Shake Shack

Few comfort food places can boast crazy lines in the middle of a heat wave during an outdoor music festival or intense public debates about their...

Meet the Faces of MS: Tricia

We’ve interviewed a few MS patients already about their experiences, which vary quite a bit already.  Patients aren’t the only one who...

Up for Grabs: ArtsEmerson Membership!

There are a few Emersonians behind the scenes here at Crash Safely, and we were excited to get this donation from our alma mater. Restored old...

Meet the Bands: Animal Hospital

Long a hidden treasure in Boston recording circles as a freelance recording engineer and a trusted electronics fix-it man, Kevin Micka has...

Meet the Faces of MS: Nick

Nick Zaino is a man of many talents.  He’s a freelance writer who’s covered comedy for the likes of the Boston Globe and the Boston...

Up for Grabs: 5 days/4 nights in Cancun

Vacations!  For some of us, it seems like we never get to go on any, so when we heard back from Sunset World, our bags were already packed! 5 days...

Meet the Bands: Township

Township have been putting out a ton of great music this year. An EP a month (at least), with some pretty trippy videos to go along with them....

Meet the Studios: Q Division

Ah, Q! Q Division has become a record label, second home and annual BBQ yard sale funfest host over the years.  The Mayor of Q is even a Maybe...

Meet the Faces of MS, anonymously

As we’ve said many times, it can be hard for MS patients to publicly talk about what their lives are like, especially if they are employed and...

Meet the Bands: Tsunami of Sound

Summer!  There’s nothing quite like  surf guitar to set the mood, and nobody in Boston does it better than Tsunami of Sound! Seeing as...

Meet the Faces of MS: Amanda

Crash Safely has been introducing you to all of the bands, studios and items you can win this year, but there’s one group of people we’ve...

Up for Grabs: Death Wish Coffee Gift Set

Coffee.  It’s a favorite drink of ours and we’ve had quite a lot of it to share over the years. This year, we have  the strongest...

Meet the Bands: Pete Donnelly

It’s strange how things work out.  The Figgs have a  two thirds majority of Petes. Those Petes are the same Petes headlining the first night...

Meet the Bands: My Own Worst Enemy

It’s hard to top the write up that Magnet recently did on My Own Worst  Enemy, that’s for certain.  Like pretty much all of the bands...

Up for Grabs: Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute

Looking for a new guitar, but haven’t found “the one” yet?  Why not attempt to win a Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute in Wine Red at...

In case you missed it…

Check out Vanyaland’s preview of this year’s...

Meet the Hosts: Cotton Candy

Chances are, you still remember the words to all of those ads that ran in between your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. For instance, if I started...

Meet the Bands: Watts

Watts have been super busy this year!  In case you’ve missed it, they’ve played with Cheap Trick and The Standells, in addition to...

From the blog..

Meet all of the bands and studios participating in Crash Safely this year on the blog! We’re featuring all the groups and studios individually,...

Meet the Studios: Peerless Mastering

So, you’ve recorded your sure fire hit single, congrats!  There’s only one problem… In fact, you’ve got a ton of music...

Meet the Bands: TRiPLE THiCK

As always, we have a bunch of great acts playing Crash Safely.  We wanted to highlight everyone on the bills this year and share some little known...

Meet the Studios: Zippah

Every year at Crash Safely, we have a silent auction for studio time with some of our favorite folks in town.   This year, we’d like to...

Introducing Crash Safely 2014!

So, who’s playing Crash Safely this year? Check it out...

Join Team Hayes

Yes, the team name is the Maybe Sump’ms, but it’s fun to think of it as  Team Hayes. The Maybe Sump’ms had a meeting recently and...

Did someone say coffee?

Last year, we had a ton of breakfast goodies up for raffle and silent auction. In fact, I think the person who won the coffee for a year is still...

New Raffle and Silent Auction Items!

While we’re nowhere near done collecting donations for this year’s raffle and silent auctions, far be it for us to keep silent for long...

Join the Maybe Sump’ms!

Links are now up on the menu for joining or donating to the Maybe Sump’ms BikeMS team! Don’t want to ride a bike in New York? Sign up to...

Who’s in for 2014?

Check out the updated Spotify playlist to see who’s new for...

2014 Planning is Underway!

Planning has begun for Crash Safely 2014! Want to get involved? Write Us!   Check out some video from last year’s shows!         ...


Bands involved in Crash Safely

  • ALL
  • Past Bands
photo by Mike Oliver
Photo by Mike Oliver (2014) White Dynomite
photo by Mike Oliver
photo by Mike Oliver (2014) Township
photo by Crystal Bailey
photo by Crystal Bailey (2014) The Field Effect
photo by Crystal Bailey
photo by Crystal Bailey (2014) TRiPLE THiCK
photo by Crystal Bailey
photo by Crystal Bailey Animal Hospital
photo by Amanda Nichols Tsunami of Sound
iphone photo
My Own Worst Enemy
photo by Mayte Antelo
photo by Mayte Antelo Gymnasium
photo by SKMDC
photo by SKMDC Petty Morals
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
photo by Steve Latham
photo by Steve Latham As The Sparrow
photo by Steve Latham
photo by Steve Latham The I Want You
photo by Steve Latham
photo by Steve Latham Watts
photo by Steve Latham
photo by Steve Latham The Figgs
photo by Steve Latham
photo by Steve Latham Gene Dante and the Future Starlets
DJ/VJ Craig MacNeil of Videodrome Discoteque
tad sidewalk driver
photo by Crystal Bailey Sidewalk Driver
Mount Peru
Mount Peru
Rick Berlin and the Nickel & Dime Band
Rick Berlin and the Nickel & Dime Band
The Titanics
photo by Amanda Nichols The Titanics
lenny lashley
Lenny Lashley's Gang of One
Phil Aiken
Photo by Steve Latham The Phil Aiken Army
Corin Ashley
Corin Ashley
The Duckbills
The Duckbills
Parlour Bells
Parlour Bells
John Powhida International Airport
John Powhida International Airport
Count Bassie by Mick Murray
photo by by Mick Murray The Upper Crust
The Unholy III
Kevin Stevenson/ The Unholy III
Thick Shakes. Photo by Mick Murray
Photo by Mick Murray Thick Shakes
Jenny Dee
Photo by Mick Murray Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents
The Gentlemen
photo by Mick Murray The Gentlemen
The Dirty Truckers
photo by Mick Murray The Dirty Truckers
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett
Pete Hayes' Rock Shop
photo by Mick Murray Pete Hayes' Rock Shop
The Russians
photo by Mick Murray The Russians
Easy Action by Eric Law
photo by Eric Law Easy Action
The In Out
Photo by Mick Murray The In Out
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Raffle and Silent Auction

Win stuff, brag AND help end MS!

2015 Sponsors

Are you interested in donating goods or services to the shows?  Drop us a line and we can send you all of the info!

About Crash Safely

Learn more about the annual MS Benefit shows and the folks behind them.

What Is MS?


This video from the National MS Society explains it all. Watch and learn. Did you know that every hour of every day someone in the United States is diagnosed with MS?
That’s and additional 8,760 people in one year living with this disease…

There is no cure for MS.

Why call it ‘Crash Safely?’

Three reasons.
One: it’s a great song by the Takers. You can hear it here.

Two: When you’re on a bike and you’re about to crash, you want to do it safely.
Three: Same thing goes for MS, with or without a bike. Many MS patients are prone to falling. Gotta do it with some grace.

Why hold an MS fundraiser?

Aren’t there tons of bike rides, walks and such?


It can be hard for participants to raise the money they need to help the cause. Besides, not everyone can walk 5 miles or bike long distances.
There are a good amount of shows that raise money for MS causes, but most of these shows usually feature well-intentioned friends and co-workers rather than actual bands.

Who’s Behind All of This?

Amanda Nichols, former writer for The Noise, The Dig, YourFlesh Magazine and current contributor to Chunklet Magazine. Amanda was diagnosed in 2008 with Relapsing-Remitting MS. Amanda plays out occasionally, sitting in with friends, but was a session musician working with Jeffrey Simmons, Darryl Blood/Tiltmaster and John Haydon. She’s also mixed tracks for Reinfeld and sits in with John Powhida and The In Out when asked. Hear some of her work. More recently, she’s been busy creating web sites and videos for local bars and bands.

Nick Blakey, booking agent, bass player and drummer. You probably already know Nick!
Pete Hayes, drummer for The Figgs. Pete was diagnosed within months of Amanda with the same form of MS.
Pete takes to actual bike in the BikeNYC Ride in October, while Amanda’s a virtual rider, books the shows and created the web site.

Everyone playing the shows is either a bandmate, friend or family member.

Oh, one more thing…

Please, no talk of miracle cures, diets or expensive scams. No stories of the great aunt who’s almost dead, or the ultra-athlete who did some crazy triathlon because they’re on drug x. Good for the athlete, sorry about your great aunt. It’s different for everyone.

What makes these shows different from other fundraisers?

A little more detail about what we do.

More info
photo by Crystal Bailey


Who’s played Crash Safely?

Maybe Sump'MS at BikeMS 2012


Learn more about BikeMS


Raffle and Silent Auctions

Because winning stuff is awesome.


Interested in getting involved ? Contact us!