A preview of what you’ll see tonight!


More Radio! We’re on the Space-Mind Continuum on Wednesday!


Tomorrow from 6-7pm, our very own resident radio wild man The Night Ridah, will be a guest on the Space-Mind Continuum on WZBC!

He will not be taking "record-breaking" to this literal extreme, however.

He will not be engaging in any “record-breaking” behavior, however.

He’ll be blasting an all Captain Beefheart set and talking about Night Two of Crash Safely!


Listen in at 90.3 FM or right here: http://wzbc.org/#listen

Getting excited for Friday!!!

Maybe you heard that Petty Morals are up for a couple of Boston Music Awards. Maybe you want to get a head start on your Halloween trip by asking Tsunami of Sound to play the Munsters theme song.  Maybe you saw My Own Worst Enemy in the pages of Magnet.  Maybe you stalk the members of Gymnasium (face it- we’re onto you.  You’re stalking Rod right now, aren’t you?). You know they’ll all be at the Midway on Friday night, right?



That’s not enough for you? Maybe you need to win things. Things like tickets for the NY Skyride.  A Shake Shack gift certificate (which you can use at the one that makes your favorite french fries). A Store 54 gift certificate that you may think twice about redeeming, because it’s such a cool certificate. Photography by Pete Weiss. A gift certificate from Capital Genealogy to check out your dad’s claim that you’re descendants of the Queen of England. Tickets for two for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum that don’t expire.  An ArtsEmerson membership, including two tickets to any event for free.  More of a sports fan?  Try your luck at winning a Boston Bruins puck signed by  Zdeno Chára!

Feeling more like an auction? We’ve got that, too.

Auctions for studio time at places like Q Division, The Bridge Sound & Stage, Zippah, Peerless Mastering, Woolly Mammoth Sound, New Alliance and more.

A dinner cruise on Boston harbor with a hotel room. This one ends at 11pm on Friday……!

5 day/4 night Cancun vacation.

A Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute.

Want more info or to bid? Check out www.crashsafely.org!

And all of the money raised at the show goes to the National MS Society!!

The cost of admission to all of this? $10.00. Seriously! Will we see you Friday?

Rainy weather got you down?

Doesn’t it seem like the rain is never going to stop?


We’ve got the cure! Don’t forget that there are auctions running for a dinner cruise for two on the Boston Odyssey paired with a night at the Sheraton Boston (this one ends Friday!!!) and 5 days/ 4 nights in Cancun. Get away, pamper yourself and know that your donation went towards helping MS patients!  Now then, after you’ve placed your bid, just sit back and imagine yourself….

Cancun for 5 days...

In Cancun for 5 days…

A dinner cruise for two on this lovely ship...

Enjoying a dinner cruise for two on this lovely ship…

go for a swim in this pool...

going for a swim in this pool…

Or maybe just relax in a room like this...

Or maybe just relaxing in a room like this…

Don’t forget!  The Odyssey cruise and Sheraton auction ends on Friday at Night Two! Maybe Tsunami of Sound can provide your cruise music?!?!?

Night 2 round up!

10/10 is next week! Are you ready for an awesome night of music and prizes for a great cause?


Petty Morals



My Own Worst Enemy


Tsunami of Sound


All hosted by Cotton Candy!


Up for grabs ONLY at this show:

Shake Shack  – gift certificate (Read more about it)
ArtsEmerson membership ( Read more about it! )
Boston Bruins puck signed by Zdeno Chára! Read more about it
Capital Genealogy gift certificate!
Store 54 gift certificate!
Tickets for two on the NY Skyride in the Empire State Building!
Tickets for two for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum!
Photography by Pete Weiss!

The silent auction for the Odyssey Cruises Boston and Sheraton Boston Hotel ENDS tonight!

What’s included in that prize?
A dinner cruise for two on the Odyssey (worth about $230!) and a hotel room for two at the Sheraton Boston (worth about $300!). You don’t have to use them on the same night. Also, you can give these as gifts if you happen to know someone who would really, really love these!!!

The other auctions will continue for studio time, Alex and Ani bracelet set, a Gibson Les Paul and a trip to Cancun!

Grab your tickets and plot your winning streak at the raffle/auction table!

All of the proceed for the ticket sales, raffle, silent auction and The I Want You’s single, “Blame It On Tomorrow” go to the National MS Society.

Think you don’t know anyone with MS?  Think again:





Up for grabs: Autographed puck signed by Zdeno Chara

The Sox let you down this year? The Pats looking a little scary to you right now?

Never fear- the Bruins will help you!



Show off your Bruins fandom with an autographed puck from team captain Zdeno Chara!  You’ll only be able to win this on night two of Crash Safely!

You’ll want to get in on this raffle early, as quite a few Midway staffers and regulars are Bruins fans.

Did you think I was joking?

Did you think I was joking?

Meet the Bands: Petty Morals


credit: Joshua Pickering

How to describe Petty Morals? Disco punk, Joan Jett, P-Funk, and Prince in a blender, no boys allowed?


How about just plain awesome?


They’ve just released their new EP, opened for Shonen Knife and made all sorts of noise at the Rumble!

These busy ladies will be headlining night two of Crash Safely on 10/10!

Studio Time Silent Auction

Every year, Crash Safely has a time available in a silent auction with some of Boston’s best! Here’s the full list of studios, including their prizes and links to their auctions!

Just want to look them all over? Check them out here: http://www.32auctions.com/crashsafelystudiotime2014.

As a reminder, all of these are tax deductible donations to the National MS Society!

Interested in just buying the time, but not so sure about the cost listed on “buy now” on the site? Drop us a line!



Prize:  an 8-10 hour day of recording at the former Fort Apache Studio!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $250.00    url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373453



Prize: One music video, planned, shot and edited by Amanda Nichols!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $210.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373443



5-10 songs mastered by Richard Marr

Prize: 5-10 songs mastered by Richard Marr
Current bid to win (as of 9/29) $140.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373438


A day of recording or mixing with Matthew Girard!

Prize: One day of recording or mixing, 10 hours with Matthew Girard!

Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $200.00  url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373439


1 full day of recording time including engineer ( 9-10 hr day)!
Prize: 1 full day of recording time including engineer ( 9-10 hr day)!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $200.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373441





Prize: An entire record of any length mastered for vinyl or CD!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $500.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373440




peerless logo
Prize: Two songs mastered by Jeff Lipton
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $250.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373437




Q Division logo
Prize: A day in Studio B with Ed Valauskas!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $800.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373442



woolly mammoth sound logo
Prize: 4 hours of studio time with Dave Minehan!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $125.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373451




Zippah Studios Giveaway Flyer
Prize: A day at Zippah with Brian Charles to work on whatever you wish!
Current bid to win (as of 9/29): $400.00 url: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4339/auctions/17167/auction_items/373436



Good luck!  We can’t wait to hear your new songs!!!

Night 1 was amazing!

We’re still going through the fancy, fancy photos from the night (as we know our pals Steve Latham and Eric Law caught some great pics!), but we just could not wait to share our cell phone snapped photos with everyone.  Did you take pics at the show?  Share ’em with us on Facebook

or tag your Instagram with #crashsafely and we’ll share!

In the meantime, check out these pics taken by the Midway staff:

midway starlets     midway I want You

midway sparrow    midway watts    midway figgs



Are you ready for Night Two?

Thank you!



We want to give a special shout-out to Biogen, for their support of Crash Safely this year!  To be fair, they’ve been integral from the beginning of the shows, but in an indirect way.  Medications they make have made a huge difference for a few of us involved and we are thrilled to have them on board this year!