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Meet the Studios: Zippah

Every year at Crash Safely, we have a silent auction for studio time with some of our favorite folks in town.   This year, we’d like to introduce to you each of the studios, so you can plan the recording of your masterpiece(s).


First up: It’s Zippah! You may be familiar with their Tuesday Night Recording Club, or maybe you’ve seen Brian or Annie playing around town in The Sheila Divine or The Field Effect.  Spend a day with Brian at Zippah working on whatever recording project you wish.  He means it, too: TRiPLE THiCK used the day to record a full length, as well as sneak me in to shoot some video.


The studio silent auction will be live right before the first show on 9/27.  We’ll update everything here so that you never miss your chance to win!

Join Team Hayes


Yes, the team name is the Maybe Sump’ms, but it’s fun to think of it as  Team Hayes. The Maybe Sump’ms had a meeting recently and we want to let you in on what our committee devised.

Pete Hayes

The Maybe Sump’ms Executive Committee.

We’re looking for some folks who want to ride a bike in New York City in October. We’d like to ride bikes with you. Want to help us raise money for MS research and patient program, but not so into the biking part?

You can join us as a virtual rider!


You may have to train for this, however.


If you’ve never participated in a BikeMS ride before, we may even have sweet, sweet discounts for you!


You only want to know what’s going on with this year’s shows?  The big reveal is coming soon (and it’s worth the wait)!

Did someone say coffee?

Last year, we had a ton of breakfast goodies up for raffle and silent auction. In fact, I think the person who won the coffee for a year is still plowing through his stash of beans!

This year, the good folks at Green Mountain Coffee/Keurig have generously upped the caffeination donation. You can vie for a platinum Keurig coffee maker and a case of coffee this year!



A case of coffee.  Not a pound, or a bag.  A case.  Paging Mike Oliver!

New Raffle and Silent Auction Items!

While we’re nowhere near done collecting donations for this year’s raffle and silent auctions, far be it for us to keep silent for long with all of the good stuff that’s already appeared!

On top of having some great shows (which we swear we’ll announce soon!), you can win a few different kinds of relaxing getaways! Start scheming how you’re going to win  them now! Get to dreaming…

success kid

I do not use too many memes!

Join the Maybe Sump’ms!

Links are now up on the menu for joining or donating to the Maybe Sump’ms BikeMS team! Don’t want to ride a bike in New York? Sign up to be a virtual rider, which has all of the glory and awards, with none of the sore muscles.

all the glory meme

You didn’t think I’d let a chance to add a meme to something go to waste now, did you?

2014 Planning is Underway!

Planning has begun for Crash Safely 2014!

Want to get involved? Write Us!


Check out some video from last year’s shows!