What is MS, anyway?

This video from the National MS Society explains it all. Watch and learn. Did you know that every hour of every day someone in the United States is diagnosed with MS?
That’s and additional 8,760 people in one year living with this disease…There is no cure for MS.

Why hold an MS fundraiser? Aren’t there tons of bike rides, walks and such?

It can be hard for participants to raise the money they need to help the cause. Besides, not everyone can walk 5 miles or bike long distances.
There are a good amount of shows that raise money for MS causes, but most of these shows usually feature well-intentioned friends and co-workers rather than actual bands. Which brings us to..

Who’s behind all of this?

Amanda Nichols, former writer for The Noise, The Dig, YourFlesh Magazine and current contributor to Chunklet Magazine. Amanda was diagnosed in 2008 with Relapsing-Remitting MS. Amanda plays out occasionally, sitting in with friends, but was a session musician working with Jeffrey Simmons, Darryl Blood/Tiltmaster and John Haydon. She’s also mixed tracks for Reinfeld and sits in with John Powhida and The In Out when asked. Hear some of her work. More recently, she’s been busy creating web sites and videos for local bars and bands, and has some writing appearing in an upcoming release on Limited Appeal Records.
Pete Hayes, drummer for The Figgs. Pete was diagnosed within months of Amanda with the same form of MS.
Pete takes to actual bike in the BikeNYC Ride in October, while Amanda’s a virtual rider, books the shows and created the web site.

Everyone playing the shows is either a bandmate, friend or family member.

Why call it ‘Crash Safely?’

Three reasons.
One: it’s a great song by the Takers. You can hear it here.

Two: When you’re on a bike and you’re about to crash, you want to do it safely.
Three: Same thing goes for MS, with or without a bike. Many MS patients are prone to falling. Gotta do it with some grace.

Oh, one more thing…

Please, no talk of miracle cures, diets or expensive scams. No stories of the great aunt who’s almost dead, or the ultra-athlete who did some crazy triathalon because they’re on drug x. Good for the athlete, sorry about your great aunt. It’s different for everyone.