It’s a small world….

Every four weeks, I get what I refer to as a “forced” break.  For two hours, I only need to sit in a chair.  I’m hooked up to an IV, but all I need to do is answer a few questions (the answer is always ‘no,’ in case you were wondering), but other than that, my job is to…sit.

I always think I’m going to clear off items from my to-do list, but I always end up talking with others in the room on a similar schedule to mine.

I started talking to Gary last week.  All I knew was that he’s a boisterous guy and a musician.  Jokes about starting the infusion room band get mentioned by the nurses every so often, and I have to admit to passing items to other musicians working on Crash Safely through the infusion room. After Gary left last week, the nurses asked me again about Gary.  He seemed so familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.  A Google search brought me here:

Gary Shane and the Detour


Gary Shane and the Detour had one of the most requested singles in Boston music history.  Time and distance broke them up, but when they were asked to get back together, they did- aided by coaxing from Dave Minehan.

Minehan donated studio time at Woolly Mammoth at last year’s Crash Safely.

Gary may be joining us on stage in September!



Oh.  That’s Gary.



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