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Lineups are set!

Sometimes, things just fall into place.  As you’ll see on the site, the lineups for both Friday and Saturday night’s shows are all set.  Ticket links are being created right now, in the other room (on the other computer in the house).

Scratch that- here are the links:

Friday night

Saturday night

Two day pass

The Upper Crust

I was going to add some cheeky remarks about maybe having the Crust accompany  the Maybe Sump’ms to the ride, but I’m still excited about this being ready to go so early.

As promised.. 2

Here is the project that’s been keeping me busy lately.  This is the first (and shortest) of two videos.



I’ve been involved in a lot of video projects as of late. I’ll be producing some more videos over the summer.  Those I plan on having be part of this site and the shows, so keep an eye out!

Good news, the Rumble and Kevin Bacon

It’s always good to be able to update with positive things, and positive surprises are even better.

First off, Thick Shakes got the wild card for the next Rock’n’Roll Rumble round! They join a well heeled group of Rumble veterans at Crash Safely, including last year’s winner, two of  last year’s semi-finalists, both of the runners up in 2009the winners in 2002, participants in 2008, participants from last yearparticipants from 1988, participants from 2001,  and a member of the band that won in 1989, as well as members of bands from 1999.  Now that I’ve put more hyperlinks in one sentence than a human normally does, thus sending this into the spam-alert zone, I can also mention we got some love from the third band to win the Rumble as well.  There were 10 bands that played last year and about the same amount getting ready for this year.

Now that should keep you clicking around the internet for a good amount of time.  While I never set out to ask Rumble bands to play these shows, it turns out that many of them have the Rumble in common. It also points out just how many people are affected, in some way, by MS. In a way, it makes sense; It doesn’t take long to be within six degrees of anyone.  We have friends, family and coworkers; our friends have friends, family and other coworkers etc., etc. No wonder you’ll be within 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon; the number of people these folks know is astounding!   If you’re feeling particularly dorky, check out this lecture where Harvard Professor David Malan talks about Facebook and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and actually uses some small (for Facebook) numbers to see exactly how that plays out.

Kevin Bacon

and now your Bacon number just went up.


We’re a lot more connected to each other than we’d like to imagine.

There’s more good news, but it’s still in process.  Being a believer in chance, I don’t want to mention what those things are until they’re a bit more solid, but trust me… it’s really amazing.  Not as amazing as bacon, perhaps, but amazing nonetheless.


The Amazing Bacon Dispenser.

I’ve been quiet.. 3

and I apologize!

Death, the Temp Reaper.

Even Death thinks I'm working too much these days.


School has taken over what remains of my social life this semester.  One thing I’m turning in for a class I’ll post here- it features TRiPLE THiCK member Jim Seery in his day job as chef at the Plough and Stars.  Secret lives revealed!

Pete’s just getting back from SXSW, so we’ll be planning the bike team and details for the two shows soon.


The Night Ridah has mentioned he’d like to post some thoughts again soon as well, so keep an eye out for more from him!

Good luck to Thick Shakes at tomorrow night’s Rumble!!  I’ll be in an editing bay all night, but I’ll be cheering you on!!