Death, the Temp Reaper.

I’ve been quiet.. 3

and I apologize!

Death, the Temp Reaper.

Even Death thinks I'm working too much these days.


School has taken over what remains of my social life this semester.  One thing I’m turning in for a class I’ll post here- it features TRiPLE THiCK member Jim Seery in his day job as chef at the Plough and Stars.  Secret lives revealed!

Pete’s just getting back from SXSW, so we’ll be planning the bike team and details for the two shows soon.


The Night Ridah has mentioned he’d like to post some thoughts again soon as well, so keep an eye out for more from him!

Good luck to Thick Shakes at tomorrow night’s Rumble!!  I’ll be in an editing bay all night, but I’ll be cheering you on!!

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