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More raffle items


Let me just say this first: the idea of a raffle came from Pete Hayes.  He wanted the shows to be more interactive and fun, because pretty much anyone can get their friends together to play a benefit, but not everyone can get a Djembe.

It was offered as a raffle prize before we had the shows. Maybe it’ll be offered up this year?  I leave all of the drum equipment stuff to the expert.

As you may have seen, there are already two prizes ready and waiting for forever homes in September.  The first is from Brian Charles at Zippah. That’s more of a silent auction item, so get your pens ready for that.

Our first raffle item came in almost as quickly as the request went out: two $50 gift cards to Redbones.

Redbones folks love bikes, and they’re neighbors with the Davis Square Theatre, so it makes all kinds of sense. I don’t know if it affected the decision to be involved or not, but I did mention a little factoid in my request: The Night Ridah! and I got married at Redbones. Then we had corn fritters.

Silent Auction and Raffle Items

It’s all over the main page, but just in case you missed it…

The bands are set.  The posters are being made.  The raffle and silent auction items are coming in!  Why have just a two-night benefit show when we can have a two-night benefit show AND a raffle AND a silent auction? More awesome things are on the way soon!

A word about Jack

It’s one of those things that happens with scary chronic illnesses.  Upon mentioning that you live with one, a laundry list of people you “might know” appears.  Why might you know them?  Well, they’ve got the same diagnosis.  Don’t all of you people hang out together?

girls telling secrets

Don’t tell them it’s not true..they think we’re all telepathically connected. Especially to Squiggy.

So no, I don’t know Jack Osbourne, son of legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy.  But I have an idea how he feels and what it’s like to publicly state that you live with something that people are afraid of/don’t understand.

I went back and forth for a while last year on revealing my own diagnosis to the press while doing the promo junket for the shows.  Finally, I decided I should say something and stop hiding. What made me change my mind was remembering that up until the day he died, Captain Beefheart denied that he lived with MS.  His obituary gave his ruse away, though: “Multiple Sclerosis Claims Captain Beefheart.” I also realized that I didn’t see many people in my age bracket who were “out” about having MS.  This was the “young adult crippler,” remember? Why do I only see people nearing retirement age openly talking about it?

Probably because people do treat you differently when they know.  You become a different creature, more delicate sometimes. Stronger, others.  Sometimes, people think you’re faking it.  Sometimes, people are convinced that they know you’re faking it.  Apparently, it’s-sexy?-to pretend to have MS? I’d rather fake something that sounded exotic but was really common. Living with MS requires a startling amount of fluidity you’d never believe a human could accomplish.

Anyway, on to Jack.  I just wanted to say that I really like his mantra regarding dealing with MS- “Adapt and overcome.” Timing on his diagnosis was cruddy- mine was right 1/2/08, so I my memory of that New Year’s Eve is burned into my brain forever.  Great night, singing along to the Upper Crust with Gent and John Powhida…followed by a dark day…and an answer.

jack osbourne

Adapt and overcome. That’s something most MS patients have to do every day. Sometimes, other people in our lives aren’t able to adapt and overcome with us.  Sure, we have to say ‘no’ a lot more than we’d like to…but there’s always tomorrow…


A Marquee, even!

This is a good idea.

Not just the move, but the fact that there’s a marquee with lights around it, which gives the feeling of having your name in lights.  Awesome.

The theater is not only hosting the shows this year, but they are co-sponsoring the event as well.

That’s dedication.

New ticket links are on the way, as are the new posters, once again designed by Henry Owings and printed by Bearded Lady.

I have two folks who have already said they want to help with the shows, too.  Now I just need to contact my raffle and silent auction folks and we’re good to go!!