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More raffle items


Let me just say this first: the idea of a raffle came from Pete Hayes.  He wanted the shows to be more interactive and fun, because pretty much anyone can get their friends together to play a benefit, but not everyone can get a Djembe.

It was offered as a raffle prize before we had the shows. Maybe it’ll be offered up this year?  I leave all of the drum equipment stuff to the expert.

As you may have seen, there are already two prizes ready and waiting for forever homes in September.  The first is from Brian Charles at Zippah. That’s more of a silent auction item, so get your pens ready for that.

Our first raffle item came in almost as quickly as the request went out: two $50 gift cards to Redbones.

Redbones folks love bikes, and they’re neighbors with the Davis Square Theatre, so it makes all kinds of sense. I don’t know if it affected the decision to be involved or not, but I did mention a little factoid in my request: The Night Ridah! and I got married at Redbones. Then we had corn fritters.

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