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Music from last year’s Crash Safely 1

Music -and some video- from last year’s show!

Video by the fabulous Mick Murray!


Gene Dante and the Future Starlets: In Lieu of an Overture


The Unholy III: Strychnine


Easy Action: She Ain’t My Girlfriend


Titanics: My Demon



The In Out: Stupidity





Pete Hayes’ Rock Shop: Iraq and Iran


John Powhida International Airport: Rhode Island






Jason Bennett: Goodbye to the USA


The Russians:

Ceramics in the Raffle by Edwin Tan

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]

Two folks I work with at Harvard Medical School moonlight as very talented artists!  Jodi Moore is creating jewelry for the raffle.  Edwin Tan gave me a box containing these lovely items for the raffle as well.  These are all handcrafted by him, using a variety of methods.   He’s had multiple shows in Cambridge and Boston (as well as all-out wars over who in the department got to buy things from him).

Check out the 10 items he’s donated and start making your plans now on how you’re getting these home with you!

Meet the Maybe Sump’ms: Crystal

This is Crystal’s first time as a Maybe Sump’ms team member! If you were at Crash Safely last year, you may remember Crystal. She was manning the raffle/auction area and taking pictures both nights.  She’ll be at this year’s shows as well, now she’s a virtual rider.  She’s created the coolest way to get people interested in the shows and donating. Click on Max to be taken right to her page to donate to the Maybe Sump’ms!


New items in the raffle

Even more new items are added to the raffle this week!

These items are all one of a kind, which is admittedly, kind of a weird thing to say.

I work with scientists all day.  I sometimes forget that they, like everyone else, do things outside of their day jobs that may seem a little odd.

I totally forgot, for instance, that one lab member, Paul Cowgill, has his own band.

It wasn’t until recently, when hatching plans with Jodi for Crash Safely, that I realized that she makes her own jewelry. Out of sterling silver chain maille. Usually, she makes bracelets for friends, like the one she gave me:

jodi's work

this bracelet survived a fire. how’s that for sturdy?

She’s volunteering at the raffle table at Crash Safely this year. While we were  plotting, we both got to thinking: what about having one of her creations up for grabs?  Saturday, 9/29, you’ll be able to throw in for an original piece by Jodi (and ask her all about it).

That also reminded me that there ‘s another artist in residence in the labs- Edwin.  He recently had a ceramics show that ended with all out bidding wars on the items he had on display.  Items like:

Edwin's certamics

Mine. You can’t have it.


I asked Edwin if he had anything that survived and if he’d like to be part of the raffle as well.  He responded by handing me a huge box with 10 handmade items. I’m going to go through the box soon and maybe add some of the higher priced items from Edwin to the silent auction.

Bring sturdy bags to the shows if you wanna leave with ceramics, people!

Welcome to Crash Safely, HMS Systems Biology artists!!

More for the raffle!

Wow. I wrote the Estee Lauder companies about another product line, asking about raffle prize donations.

They didn’t have any of my original request, but they happily sent me something much more interesting- a Coach Poppy Flower gift set.

I am truly in awe of what they sent (not to mention already jealous of the winner).


For now, I get to enjoy it (albeit in a box) until it goes to its forever home after Crash Safely.


All I ask is that whomever wins this, share it with me, OK?  Just a little bit?



As a reminder, the Silent Auction begins Friday, the same day the Night Ridah hosts Cotton Candy on his radio show on WECB. The show runs from 7-10pm, and Cotton Candy will not only be spinning tunes, but playing live as well.  Listen to the broadcast live and hear the “other” Emerson College radio station.  (full disclosure: I was the General Manager of WECB in the late 90’s).