bike ms badge

Gearing up for Sunday!

Sunday is the bikeMS ride!

This is where the Maybe Sump’ms (and all the Crash Safely folks) are going to be recognized for all of their hard work.  For some, this is where the challenge really lies; they’re biking 30, 50 or 100 miles.  For the virtual riders, we get to decorate the team village area and scope out where the best freebies are located.

Photos from both nights of Crash Safely will be decorating the Maybe Sump’ms Team Village area, as well as a copy of the poster and the random 20 yuan that was donated.

Many thanks to Johnny Anguish, Crystal Bailey, Mick Murray, Mike Oliver and all of the other photographers who came out and took so many amazing pictures of the nights! I’m looking forward to the odd looks from the more <ahem> traditional teams when I put up some photos of the Upper Crust.

Now then, off to prep for a whirlwind weekend!

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