Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

BikeMS Awards Party, Round Two!

We’re getting ready for the BikeMS Awards Party in NYC at the end of the month! So many members of the Maybe Sump’ms went way above and beyond this time that the team is being honored again! This year, I’m bringing along photos from the shows to decorate our dinner table, as well as one of the posters.  No one said we were allowed to decorate, but no one said we weren’t either…

The Night Ridah won’t be able to come with me, so I’m trying to figure out who my guest will be with the plus one. Any Maybe Sump’ms teammates who didn’t get an invite, drop me a line and we’ll head out to the party together. I’ve already asked Maybe Sump’ms virtual rider/Crash Safely all-around all star Crystal Bailey to join the fun, along with her man David (who’s last name I will misspell, so I’m just not going to type it).