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Friday’s too far away.

It’s official; I did not make it until this Friday for my Tysabri fix dose. A few of my old MS symptom buddies decided to make their presence known to me on the bus on the way to work this morning, so I ended up trotting my sad self back home.

trotting black cat

My tail was nowhere near as high.

Why these things always happen on public transportation, I have no idea.

At any rate, I was able to get in for my much-needed medication tomorrow, which means when I schedule my next one it’ll only be two days off, not 7. I think from here on out I will wrap myself in plastic when heading out during the flu season.  I’m not sure which was worse; the flu or how I feel right now, 4 days off my schedule.  Gah!

Seeing as I’m now at home, I am working on this year’s set of bands for Crash Safely. A few things that make planning this early hard:

-the BikeMS ride will likely get moved from the tentative date in October (which I’m hoping is the case)
-what bands can do it will determine where we hold the shows

Some folks have to plan other dates around our dates as well, so it gets…complicated.  It’ll all come together…and I promise, 100% more JPo this year!

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