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Getting ready for year 3

I can’t believe this is the third year of Crash Safely! We’re already getting in touch with folks for this year’s bills, and if all goes according to plan, there will be three nights of shows.

There are strong possibilities of some really, really amazing acts joining us this year for the first time, as well as the awesome groups who’ve been involved so far. I want to say more, but nothing’s ready to go yet…just know that it will likely be more exciting than before!

While I was talking with some folks at a show I was shooting for a video for John Powhida International Airport, I realized that there is some confusion regarding who does what (and it certainly doesn’t help that I keep switching from first person plural to singular in my blog posts). With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown:

When I say “we,” I mean everyone involved in Crash Safely, from the bands, the venues, the sponsors, the National MS Society contacts, the planners, the volunteers and anyone else who happens to lend a hand. I want to include everyone, hence the “we.”

Who’s shows are these, anyway?
That’s where the first person singular begins. They are my shows, not, as some seem to believe, the Night Ridah’s/Nick Blakey’s. He works hard on these shows and is usually the press contact, but he’s not the guy negotiating the contracts, securing the venues or in negotiation with vendors for raffle items. I realize that there are those who can’t fathom a woman planning these types of things and thus default to assuming the guy they’re speaking to must be the person putting it on, but you’d be wrong.

This lady also puts on festival shows.

This lady also puts on festival shows. And beatdowns.

The thing is, both Nick and I have made this pretty clear to people- he’s working for the shows, and while he certainly does have sway, he’s not the one putting them together. So if you want in-I’m happy to hear you out, believe me! But the only way I’ll hear about it is if you talk to me directly. I don’t bite- and I swear, unless something’s changed in the last nanosecond- you can’t catch MS by sending me an email.

Nick’s a busy guy; he’s in school full time and working a few jobs right now. He also is in charge of one of the more delicate operations for this year’s shows, so he’s got a lot to do already for Crash Safely. Give the man a hug! The food at the dinner he attended did not include the recently mentioned foodstuffs we were treated to this year, so he may be feeling a little less loved these days.

BikeMS Dinner

Although the suspicious meatballs did return…

Now that’s out of the way, we can get back to the music.

Keep an eye out for the video I mentioned earlier and stay tuned for the updates with all the details of who’s playing when (and where)!