Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

It begins!

Year three’s already off to a quick start.  Every year, the planning for next year starts to happen during that year’s shows.  It can be confusing, keeping track of all of this year’s stuff as well as next year’s. It always starts with the bands.  Sometimes, there are groups that want to play, but the dates didn’t work out with their schedules.  Sometimes, bands hear about the shows and inquire about what might be going on for the next year. There are many, many stray bits of paper floating around Crash Safely HQ with band and venue names on them, like some bizarre sudoku. It all falls together, but it’s a lot easier to plan for September in March than, say, July.


We may actually need to bend space and time for this.

We actually had venue holds well in advance this year. I think last year I had my heart set on one particular place that didn’t pan out, only to end up somewhere that was new to most of us! This year, I will say this much in advance:

  • We have dates at three different venues. One in Harvard Square, one in Central Square, and one in Jamaica Plain.
  • It’s looking like there will be DOUBLE the amount of nights this year.  Four nights, not two.  Don’t worry; they’re not right in a row.  There’s a nap in between. Promise.
  • The sheer amount of bands and artists who have already gotten back to Nick about the dates and can do it is amazing! We’ll need all four nights just so that everyone can have a decent set time.

While Crash Safely has been hosting a ton of bands over two nights, I want to make sure no one feels rushed this time around.

More news, including announcements of who is playing, where they’re playing and what dates this craziness is happening soon.

Also on the horizon: The Maybe Sump’MS are signing up early for the bikeMS ride this year.  Want to get credit for your awesome fundraising? Can’t ride a bike to save your life?  Fear not; you can be a virtual rider.  This year I’ll have to be one again, as my brother is getting married the same weekend as the ride.  As cute as it would be to go from a wedding in Maine to a bike  ride in New York… I think the ride will survive me eating cake with my brother and soon to be sister-in-law.


As long as he promises not to break out these glasses, we’re all good.