MS Awareness Week

This week is MS Awareness week in the US.  You may have seen tweets that begin with “I CONNECT” and hashtagged with #MSConnection; that’s one of the ways this is manifesting this year.

MS Week banner

In accidental concert with MS Awareness week, David Bowie released a new (amazing) record.  I bring this up for  4 reasons: 1) I’m listening to it right now 2) I love Bowie 3) So do many, many of the bands who are participating in Crash Safely this year 3) I had a revelation regarding one of the songs on the new record, called “Boss of Me.”  (No, it’s not a They Might Be Giants cover). 

David Bowie The Next Day Album Cover

Shameless plug.

Look for a preview of the song here.

While there’s one interpretation of the lyrics, you could easily change the meaning of the “small town girl” becoming the “boss of me” to be…


something like MS.
I am thinking of making a video for the song using that angle in a vague way.

First, however, I need to focus on guerrilla video shoots with John Powhida for the new John Powhida International Airport tunes.


Shameless plug 2.

I’ll be quite busy this weekend with JPo, and Pete Hayes is registering the Maybe Sump’MS for the 2013 bikeMS NYC ride.  Keep an eye out for links to join or donate to the team soon!

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