More Awards!

That’s right! Word has come down from the BikeMS folks that the Maybe Sump’ms are being honored again at the 2014 Bike MS New York City Recognition Ceremony. This year, they’re doing things a little differently and not revealing our standings (both individual fundraiser statuses and team standings) until we get to the ceremony.  Considering we went well above our goal this year and had many riders raise over $1,000 (and some over $5,000), Pete and I are awfully proud.  In fact, I’m bringing fellow Maybe Sump’ms teammate and Crash Safely raffle/silent auction diva Schlonge Dermody with me to New York for the celebration!

Maybe Sump'MS 2012

Maybe we’re up the charts this year?


This awards dinner also plants the seed of planning for 2014’s Crash Safely firmly in my head. As such, I’ve already begun some big changes to Crash Safely (from the inside). I am going to register Crash Safely as its own non-profit entity in the state, which will allow it to grab some local-centric donations, as well as create a buffer in between my personal bank account and the finances of the shows. There are many hopes intwined with that- not the least of which is that I would like to eventually be able to pay the performers who contribute to the events in some way. The musicians do a mighty job every year, and while free/low cost booze is nice, it doesn’t pay the space rent. I’m a firm believer in the idea that no one should go broke being nice. Also, it would be nice to have a buffer for regular costs, such as posters/advertising, web hosting, room fees and other miscellaneous costs that come up.

While the plan is not to do the wild 4 night ride again this year, I have some ideas forming that will take shape soon enough. Do you have any artists you’d like to see participate? Where would you like to see them?

Glen displays the freebies.


While you’re thinking about that, I’m going to be packing my bags and getting ready for a whirlwind ride to NYC and back in the middle of the  week very soon.

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