Prepping for New York

Next week is the BikeMS Awards Ceremony! This is the third year Crash Safely has been asked to participate and the fourth year for the Maybe Sump’ms bikeMS team. Our final rank among the other teams remains a mystery until we get there, so it’ll be great to be surprised!  We’ll also be celebrating individual fundraising achievements as well- two members of the team raised over $5,000 each.

Normally, this time of year would mean an awkward conversation with a supervisor about needing two days off to go to New York in the middle of the week to pick up an award or two.


This year, well, let’s just say that my calendar is a little more flexible.


I took the sharpie when I left.

After starting the job by finding out that the ‘health insurance’ came with a rather hefty price tag before my coverage kicked in, I was already on the job hunt not long after sitting down at my new desk.
Normally, I don’t do that sort of thing, nor do I talk about it publicly.Needless to say, it was a bad situation and I decided the best thing to do would be to jump ship before it got worse. I’ve got a few irons in the fire, so I’m not worried about income, and I finally managed to get the whole health insurance coverage through the state thing sorted out, too.

So on to the good stuff!


Bowie sees what I did there.

After celebrating my newfound freedom at Videodrome 
Discotheque, Nick and I found out that Oberon is interested in hosting Crash Safely again this year.  I tend to go where I’m wanted, so this bodes well.  I have a few ideas as to who should grace the stage this year (especially at Oberon).  CS is also looking to mix it up a bit more this year as well.


Want to get involved? Want to play the shows?  Know of someone you’d like to see at Crash Safely?  Comment and let me know.  Keep it reasonable (no, I can’t book Prince).

I’ll be out and about again this Friday at Joe Egan’s birthday extravaganza at the Midway (which may also double as the start of the next JPx video shoot).

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