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It begins! Planning for Crash Safely 2014!

It takes a lot of time to get things together for Crash Safely.  This year is no different!  Now in year 4, we’re still learning how things go in the wild, wild world of non-profit fundraising. Last year was a big event- two weekends at three venues.  I always anticipated the next year’s show would be low key by comparison, however,  we will be returning to Oberon this year.

One night will be at Oberon! I don’t want to divulge any more information this early, but just know this- we’ll Crash at Oberon again.


I’m actively looking to mix up our usual lovable list of amazing performers as well.  Keep an eye out for a few new faces alongside some of our returning superstars!

Fun fact- when you do an image search in Google for  “returning superstars,” you get a ton of pro wrestlers.

Feel the power!

Feel the power!


While planning is in full swing, you can plan on dancing with your favorite bands, great raffle and silent auction items and oh so much glitter.


Also, no winter weather!  Who else is sick of snow right about now?

Mayor Curley wanted these, remember?

The yearly top 40!


Weather in New England has a way of telling you who’s boss.  In this case, all of our planning to head to New York City for the BikeMS awards ceremony was squashed by below zero temps and a good amount of snow.  I, for one, had visions of being trapped on a Bolt Bus on some side bridge in between New York and New Jersey. However, our local Maybe Sump’ms members headed out to the ceremony, picked up our awards and (most importantly) ate all of the free food and partook of the open bar.  Here they are, modeling the team’s jersey:


Today, the snow is at it again, which only means one thing: the Maybe Sump’ms have plenty of time to plan for 2014’s Crash Safely!

We already (!) have a few artists and one venue ready to go.  Then again, when you’ve been doing this for four years, it does get easier to organize….


Now then, any guesses on who might be part of Crash Safely this year?