Meet the Bands: Pete Donnelly

It’s strange how things work out.  The Figgs have a  two thirds majority of Petes.
Those Petes are the same Petes headlining the first night of Crash Safely this year.

They'd probably agree with this

Not these Petes, but they’d probably agree.


Pete D is not only the bassist in the Figgs, but a session musician (playing with the likes of Shelby Lynne and Lauren Hill), former NRBQ member, engineer and producer.  Someday, we’ll figure out how he manages to sneak sleep into his schedule! Pete will be in town at the Midway on August 25th before returning with Pete Hayes (and rumor has it, John Powhida).  Check out his cool music video for “Can’t Talk at All” below, and don’t forget to grab tickets to 9/27’s show!

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