Slight change of plans…

Our friend Bob Hunka has informed us that we aren’t leaving the house for a few days.   This is agreed with by the ever-accurate French Toast Alert System.  It seems that Boston and New York City will get up to 3 feet of snow in this storm, so the awards ceremony has been rescheduled until February.

The storm’s predicted to be bad enough to cause both cities to get pretty rough with travel and parking bans.




Hope you’ve already hit the grocery store, because…well, you know.

Boston’s supposed to get freezing fog as well.  Does that sound like some sort of sci-fi/fantasy creature to you, too?  Sounds kind of Hoth-ish.

Don't tell me again about the Blizzard of '78.

Don’t tell me again about the Blizzard of ’78.


Hunka Down, everyone! Here’s to hoping we don’t lose power or heat!

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