What a weekend!

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I’m still recovering from this weekend! Check out just a few of the photos Mick Murray took both nights! There are a TON more, and a bunch from other photographers as well!

Our silent auction for studio time ended on Sunday at 8pm and the winners have all been notified.  In case you’re wondering who to get friendly with really quickly, it’s:

Four hours at Woolly Mammoth Studio with Dave Minehan

Mike Oliver, ‘Hoods fan extraordinaire, won the Woolly time.

A Day in Studio B at Q Division with Ed Valauskas
Two songs mastered at Peerless with Jeff Lipton

Well planned bidding earned Ken Rothman and his band studio time, not only at Q Division but at Peerless as well!

A Day at Zippah with Brian Charles

Frank D’Urso(aka FrankD from the Noise Board) clicked away with Zippah time!


Thanks to all of the bands, the Davis Square Theatre and all of the folks who donated raffle and silent auction items!
Thanks to all of the fans who came out, and to new friends met both nights!

MS doesn’t rest, so neither do we.  The ride is 10/21 and next year’s shows are already being planned.

The Upper Crust by Amy Fairchild


More for the raffle!

Wow. I wrote the Estee Lauder companies about another product line, asking about raffle prize donations.

They didn’t have any of my original request, but they happily sent me something much more interesting- a Coach Poppy Flower gift set.

I am truly in awe of what they sent (not to mention already jealous of the winner).


For now, I get to enjoy it (albeit in a box) until it goes to its forever home after Crash Safely.


All I ask is that whomever wins this, share it with me, OK?  Just a little bit?



As a reminder, the Silent Auction begins Friday, the same day the Night Ridah hosts Cotton Candy on his radio show on WECB. The show runs from 7-10pm, and Cotton Candy will not only be spinning tunes, but playing live as well.  Listen to the broadcast live and hear the “other” Emerson College radio station.  (full disclosure: I was the General Manager of WECB in the late 90’s).