Friday’s just about spoken for…

The weather outside is perfectly springish.  Seeing as we’re in the habit of skipping seasons, I’m OK with skipping right to the end of summer/beginning of fall with news about the Crash Safely shows.  Last year featured 5 bands each night (well, OK, 5 1/2, there was a mini Figgs set on Friday).  While that was an amazing amount of music, it left little time for the raffle and silent auction. That was a shame, because we had some great stuff up for grabs (as the folks who won can attest to).

The shows were a big success!  The entire Maybe Sump’ms team landed in the top 20 for fundraising, rubbing shoulders with the financial giants who probably force people at gunpoint to ride have the cash to spare to match donations. Our scrappy little team is 100% friends, family and fans.  The shows helped the team more than double the amount we raised the year before.  If you went to the shows, you did that.  If you played the shows, you did that.   If you sent in a donation, you did that. You’re Maybe Sump’ms, too!

We’re an “elite” team now, which means..

Duc D'istortion

It's cool, right?

…maybe we should get the Upper Crust to come along and serenade us in the super special team village this year. They played Store 54, after all…

I’d love to see the looks that would get.  Sweaty riders coming in, being greeted by this:





Speaking of the Crust, Jackie Kickassis has penned a tune that’s being recorded at Woolly Mammouth Sound thanks to the silent auction from last year. Really.  I’m hoping to get a sample of the dirty little ditty to share here.


In the meantime, we’ve just added our buddies The Dirty Truckers to the mix!  They wanted to play last year, but couldn’t make the dates work. I’ll be adding a video of them to the main page soon.






Not for me, from me.

To the bands that played in September: I have audio of your sets for you. I’ll see Gene Dante and the Future Starlets as well as emissaries for Lord Bendover, Duc D’Istortion and Jackie Kickassis will be on hand at Church on New Year’s Eve; Titanics will get their presents as well.  Have you had a chance to see the Titanics since then? They’ve played a few shows since Crash Safely…. Jason Bennett I owe twice over.  Chocolate bark.


To the infusion center nurses at the Partners MS Center, I’ve got copies of the articles and photos from the shows. They were the first to hang up posters and every time I’ve seen them since 9/23, they’ve requested copies of the articles.