Meet the bands: The Dents

Who are The Dents?  Well, seeing as you asked:

Jen D’Angora (aka Jenny Dee), Vocals and Guitar. Michelle Paulhus, Vocals and Bass. Craig Adams, Guitar. Kevin Pickering, Drums.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way…


photo by Eric Law

What do they sound like?

We’ll let the music do the talking…. here’s “Better Off”:

They’re heading to the Midway on 10/17 with the Sprained Ankles, Muck and the Mires and the Phil Aiken Army!  You don’t wanna miss this lineup!

Tickets  $10, 21+.

We’re back on Bay State Rock this Sunday with TRiPLE THiCK!!

We’ll be on Bay State Rock with TRiPLE THiCK performing live in the studio! We’re excited that we’ve been asked to return in between night 2 and  night 3 this year!


Most bands get to do a four song acoustic set- let’s see how many that translates into for TRiPLE THiCK!


We’re going to guess 20.

This is always a fun time, so make sure to tune in!  This is TRiPLE THiCK’s first time on Bay State Rock, so make sure you tune in !!!

hear it on TuneInstream from your computer, or ye olde fashioned actual radio (99.7/107.3)!

hear it on TuneInstream from your computer, or ye olde fashioned actual radio (99.7/107.3)!

Friday night at the Plough and Stars

Friday night is the 15th birthday of Crash Safely participants and near-annual winners of awesome things in our silent auctions, Triple Thick. I’ve mentioned this earlier, but as the weather has finally warmed up, I think it bears repeating: the Crash Safely crew will be on hand to recreate the Treat Her Right’s “I Think She Likes Me” video.   In as much as that can be done, considering…

The Treat Her Right video captures Central Square and the Plough in particular in a really interesting space in time. It will be an interesting compare/contrast with footage from the 2014 version of the Plough.

Yes, it will be in black and white.

No, the sound won’t be ambient.   But the images most certainly will be.

Join us to be part of the video, and come see The Monsieurs and You People as well.

The music starts at 10:30, but the video shoot will begin before the sun goes down.
See you there!


Speaking of shows, we’ll be announcing the lineups, dates and venues for this year’s Crash Safely before the weekend’s over.  In fact, tickets are actually already available, and if you’re sneaky, you just may have figured out where those links are hidden on the main site.



Today’s when it really hit me hard.  At 3:30pm, I fell dead asleep on the bus heading home from work.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today; nothing was particularly amiss.  Except for what didn’t happen on Friday.

Last week, I caught that evil flu that’s going around Boston. Seeing as I could suffer pretty severe problems as a result, I was put on an antiviral medication for 5 days.

For most people, that wouldn’t be a big deal; take ’em for 5 days, stay home and sleep.

I did that, too, but I also found out that I had to finnish the 5 day round of antivirals before I could safely take my monthly MS medication.  Damn. Once you move that medication timing, you’re stuck.

Because that screws up my work/life/everything schedule, I stupidly rescheduled to a week later.  That would be this coming Friday. I don’t think I’m going to make it that long.

I’d go into detail about how this feels…but for now, just know this:  it feels like you’ve suddenly got a dead battery.I’m gonna curl up like my little buddy here and sleep until Friday, I think….

Sleepy Velvet cat.

Silent Auction and Raffle Items

It’s all over the main page, but just in case you missed it…

The bands are set.  The posters are being made.  The raffle and silent auction items are coming in!  Why have just a two-night benefit show when we can have a two-night benefit show AND a raffle AND a silent auction? More awesome things are on the way soon!