Yard Sale!

The Night Ridah’s off to visit his grandmother in Washington state, so I’ve  got a little free time.  What to fill it with?

Q Division’s Yard Sale!

audio tech stuff

I'll take 4!

Q Division has been very involved both with the shows and the bike ride.  Last year, they donated time in the studio as a silent auction item, as well as brand new 45s by the Figgs.  I should also mention that The Russians, who played last year, are affiliated and day one of Crash Safely this year is pretty much completely Q Division bands. Q Dee’s mayor is a member of the Maybe Sump’ms as well.

Maybe I’ll see you in Somerville tomorrow, pawing at Danelectros or going through records from Store 54 and Looney Tunes.

I’m kind of hoping someone will have a bell mic for a woodwind.  I know, it’s not all that likely, but there are things I want to do…

effects kinds of things.



Too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean.

Alex in NYC is a friend, having met on a yahoo group (remember those?) many moons ago. We share many common musical tastes, what I’ve more recently enjoyed is his chronicling of New York City. Along those lines, I wanted to share his heartfelt goodbye to Adam Yauch/MCA. While the Beastie Boys weren’t my favorite act, they were fun.  I enjoyed what they were doing, especially “The In Sound From Way Out!,” “Paul’s Boutique” and “Hello Nasty.”  In fact, re-listening to some of this stuff made me realize just how different- and special- these guys were.

Rather than copying the photos he’s got posted (both from the blog and his day job), I thought it’s better to send all of you his way. My personal favorite? Diamond Dave and the Beasties.


As promised.. 2

Here is the project that’s been keeping me busy lately.  This is the first (and shortest) of two videos.



I’ve been involved in a lot of video projects as of late. I’ll be producing some more videos over the summer.  Those I plan on having be part of this site and the shows, so keep an eye out!

Live recordings from Crash Safely

Ok, So I’ve been lax at getting these out, but here’s the first two, from Saturday’s show:

First, Strychnine from The Unholy III (also on the “past shows” page).  Kevin Stevenson’s new group had a total of 1 show prior to Crash Safely.  You’d never know it from listening to this.

Secondly, In Lieu of an Overture is the first song from Gene Dante and the Future Starlets’ set for the same night.

I’ll be adding more stuff, especially from Saturday (as Mick Murray was not around to record the proceedings that day).

I’ll also be adding related items, such as videos and music made from the winnings from both nights.