Silent Auction for 2013: Studio time, video production and pool!

Whew! We have a lot of things for silent auction this year! In addition to studio time, we’ve got video production and an after work pool party (billiards, not the water park type) for 20 people.  There’s more coming in all of the time, but get a preview of the auction items in the gallery.
We also have some big news from our friends at Uber, as well as many, many other people and places who are donating items for the raffles happening at each of the four nights this year!

In case you’re wondering- YES, we will have JP Licks gift certificates!  YES, we have Redbones gift cards!


Want to relive Crash Safely?

Mick Murray got some great videos both nights!

Here’s some video from Friday, with more to come!


The Gentlemen with Ducky Carlisle on drums:


Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents break out the Rolling Stones and put Phil Aiken front and center:

And now for something….kinda different.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been updating as regularly lately. There’s a good reason for that; I’m taking a video production class this summer and I recruited our friends TRiPLE THiCK into a day of shooting. This is the second time I’ve convinced Jim Seery to be on camera for a class project, so I’m wondering when he’ll need to get a SAG card or something along those lines.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s two songs by TRiPLE THiCK, recorded at Zippah (making great use of their winnings from last year’s Crash Safely):

As promised.. 2

Here is the project that’s been keeping me busy lately.  This is the first (and shortest) of two videos.



I’ve been involved in a lot of video projects as of late. I’ll be producing some more videos over the summer.  Those I plan on having be part of this site and the shows, so keep an eye out!

It’s a small world….

Every four weeks, I get what I refer to as a “forced” break.  For two hours, I only need to sit in a chair.  I’m hooked up to an IV, but all I need to do is answer a few questions (the answer is always ‘no,’ in case you were wondering), but other than that, my job is to…sit.

I always think I’m going to clear off items from my to-do list, but I always end up talking with others in the room on a similar schedule to mine.

I started talking to Gary last week.  All I knew was that he’s a boisterous guy and a musician.  Jokes about starting the infusion room band get mentioned by the nurses every so often, and I have to admit to passing items to other musicians working on Crash Safely through the infusion room. After Gary left last week, the nurses asked me again about Gary.  He seemed so familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.  A Google search brought me here:

Gary Shane and the Detour


Gary Shane and the Detour had one of the most requested singles in Boston music history.  Time and distance broke them up, but when they were asked to get back together, they did- aided by coaxing from Dave Minehan.

Minehan donated studio time at Woolly Mammoth at last year’s Crash Safely.

Gary may be joining us on stage in September!



Oh.  That’s Gary.